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Retreat for Buganda parliament representatives commences

Retreat for Buganda parliament representatives commences

Some of the Buganda ministers during the retreat.

Buganda Kingdom takes its parliament representatives to the annual retreat and this year it was held in Masaka, Buddu. The retreat kicked off yesterday at the Maria flo Hotel.

 Katikkiro commenced the retreat of the Buganda parliament representatives,” He said that while we are on the mission to bring Buganda to the top, we should as leaders in the kingdom too work on how to fulfil our responsibilities that were given to us by the king and to find ways that take us forward in the effort to uplift the standards of the people of Buganda in the race to the top. This is why we get such a time and we keep quiet to share knowledge and discuss ideas on important issues concerning Buganda.”

 Also Hon. Robert Waggwa Nsibirwa led a study on the responsibilities of the lukiiko  in implementing the kingdom’s master Plan of 2023 - 2028.

 During the three-day retreat held at Maria Flo Hotel in Masaka City, the Buganda parliament representatives passed a resolution to engage the central government to allow them to use the carrot and stick approach, to enforce hard work among the youth.

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