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Buganda UK stands as a vibrant community comprising 20,000 Luganda-speaking individuals in the UK and Ireland. Luganda, the mother tongue of the Baganda, the largest ethnic group in central and southern Uganda, holds a significant place as one of the 50 most spoken languages in the UK.

Encompassing the Buganda community living in the United Kingdom and Ireland, Buganda UK serves as a cultural anchor fostering unity and celebration. Buganda, a historical kingdom in Uganda, traces its roots back to the 14th century under the leadership of its first king, Kato Kintu. Over the centuries, it has flourished under successive kings, with a rich history and cultural legacy.

The Buganda Kingdom, as of the 2002 census, boasted a population exceeding 6.5 million Baganda, a number estimated to have grown to over 8.4 million by 2011. Buganda UK plays a crucial role in connecting the Baganda diaspora and friends of Buganda in the UK and Ireland, providing a platform for cultural festivities and initiatives aimed at contributing to the ongoing development of the Buganda Kingdom.

Buganda UK's mission is clear: to celebrate the diverse cultural tapestry of the Baganda and their friends abroad while actively participating in the growth and prosperity of the Buganda Kingdom.

Buganda UK

BugandaUK is your home for all news, events and information about the Buganda community in the UK