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Buganda UK Funding

Donate Today For a Great Cause

Your donation to support the work of Buganda UK is a valuable gift, that will ensure that young people are supported in the community to engage in valuable social and economic activity. 

Your gift will especially benefit young men and women and enable them to find meaningful work to support themselves and their families and divert them away from deviant pathways. 

Your gift will also enable the elderly in the community to remain engaged in their communities and avert them from isolation and loneliness. Your generosity makes you a valued and important part of our community.  Thank you so much.

You can choose to give a one-off donation or donate monthly.

Setting up a monthly gift is the most efficient way to support us.

  • £5 a month would pay for a young person to have 12 sessions of career training.
  • £10 a month could pay for two students to attend a catering course.
  • £30 could pay for the examination fees for an accredited course for one student.


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