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Rhinelands Provincial Council Inaugurated, Embarks on Visionary Initiatives to Strengthen Buganda Overseas Affairs

Rhinelands Provincial Council Inaugurated, Embarks on Visionary Initiatives to Strengthen Buganda Overseas Affairs

The Kabakas representative (middle) and other members of his Council

In a landmark event, the Rhinelands Provincial Council was officially inaugurated, marking a significant stride towards advancing Buganda Overseas Affairs. The inauguration ceremony, held in Amsterdam, Netherlands, was presided over by Honorable Joseph Kawuki, Minister of Local Government and Buganda Overseas Affairs.

Hon. Kawuki conveyed a message to the Kabaka's representative in the province, Hon. Sam Ssekajugo Musoke, heralding a new era of collaboration and shared responsibilities. The esteemed minister urged the assembled representatives to work hand in hand with their colleagues and various organizations dedicated to unifying Kabaka's people in the Rhineland.

During his address, Hon. Kawuki emphasized the vital role of the diaspora community, recognising their status as ambassadors of Buganda in foreign provinces. He outlined key obligations, including the establishment of a palace in the Luwalo lwaffe system, the provision of wells for local communities, and joint investments through the One Million Dollar Project aimed at fostering development and prosperity.

The inauguration ceremony commenced with a solemn Mass conducted by Rev. Fr. Julious Kiyaga of the Uganda Catholics Community who encouraged the attendees to persevere in their service to the king of Buganda, reinforcing the significance of their roles in preserving the cultural heritage of their homeland.

Hon. Sam Ssekajjugo Musoke, the appointed Member of Parliament for the King in the Rhineland, expressed his unwavering dedication to the responsibilities bestowed upon him. He pledged to work tirelessly to uphold the interests of Kabaka's people in the Netherlands.

In a remarkable show of support, officials and community members rallied to collect donations which are to be delivered to the kingdom’s treasury next week, symbolizing their commitment to advancing the goals set forth by the newly established council. Mr Mawanda of the Nedas Foundation exemplified this dedication by pledging 500 euros to contribute to the ongoing initiatives aimed at promoting the welfare and progress of Kabaka's endeavors in Rhinelands County.

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