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The 31st Buganda Lukiiko first session Meeting

The 31st Buganda Lukiiko first session Meeting

The Buganda Assembly convened for its first meeting after the inauguration of the 31st Lukiiko (Parliament) session by Kabaka Ronald Mutebi at Bulange Mengo in Kampala.

They discussed how to carry out the instructions the King left when he opened the Lukiiko on Monday, last week.

The Katikkiro emphasised the concerns the King had addressed previously, such as the need for compulsory agricultural education in schools to strengthen the nation's economy and the importance of working hard to succeed.

He also urged young people who want to go abroad to think seriously about the King’s caution against traveling abroad,when we celebrated the 30th anniversary of his coronation.

In order to avoid giving the enemy of Buganda a chance, he pushed the populace to fight for federalism and advance our interests rather than to relax.


The Katikkiro addressing the Lukiiko(Parliament).

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