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The Katikkiro expresses dissatisfaction on the use of funds within the Ugandan Parliament

The Katikkiro expresses dissatisfaction on the use of funds within the Ugandan Parliament

Bishop Lawrence Mukasa of Kasana Luwero was welcoming Buganda Chief Minister

This sentiment was conveyed during his remarks at the Easter Mass in Kasana, Luwero, which was presided over by Bishop Lawrence Mukasa. The Bishop advised the followers to hold onto Jesus and allow him to remove obstacles in their lives using his resurrection power.

Katikkiro highlighted the many questions that Ugandans have regarding the expenditure of money in Parliament. He questioned why Uganda, with a population of 44 million people, maintains a Parliament with 539 MPs. Comparatively, India, with a population of 1.4 billion, has 630 MPs, meaning 2.2 million people are represented by one MP, suggesting their expenditure is not proportionately high.

There arises the question of whether the laws passed by Parliament are indeed those needed to alleviate poverty and enhance Uganda's progress as a nation.

He expressed that if MPs addressed these concerns, disputes and conflicts in Parliament could be resolved, ultimately ensuring the provision of comprehensive services to the people.

The Katikkiro further encouraged the people of Bulemeezi to contemplate the themes of the King's Easter message, which encompassed the fight against AIDS, steadfastness in one's beliefs, and humility.

Kangaawo Ronald Mulondo reported to Katikkiro that Bulemeezi is one of the provinces with the highest HIV prevalence rates. However, he emphasised that the primary responsibility lies with men to prevent the spread of HIV by safeguarding girls.

The mass was attended by representatives of the Kabaka in Bulemeezi province, as well as politicians and religious leaders.

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